Street Outlaws New Orleans “John Doe” vs Silver Unit Racing at AOL

When it comes to the likes of the names that you find on Street Outlaws, there are so ...

When it comes to the likes of the names that you find on Street Outlaws, there are so many different races that can come together and these races make watching the sport so interesting because you don’t only get to see the bad to the bone cars but you also get the potential for a legendary rivalry that’s too good to resist.

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Within┬áthese matchups, there are a bunch that you could probably find yourself watching over and over again. Seeing the John Doe Oldsmobile go up against the Silver Unit Chevrolet Camaro is definitely one of those bouts that we wouldn’t mind watching a couple of times back-to-back.

Not only is the matchup good the first time, but we would venture to think that the way that it unfolds on an unprepped surface would change with each and every race. Check out the video below from the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel that shows these two heavyweights throwing down at American Outlaws Live and see how this particular matchup ended up going.

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