Street Outlaws No Prep: Randy Williams Hard Crash In Tucson Arizona

Last weekend, following the huge turnout for the Bristol No Prep event, Discovery ...

Last weekend, following the huge turnout for the Bristol No Prep event, Discovery Channel took the show west and rolled into Tucson Dragway for another race with a nice fat check for the winner. With another huge group of stars from the show as well as some of the biggest names in no prep racing on the property, that $40,000 check would certainly be earned, with the winner almost guaranteed to have to take out some heavy hitters on the way to the win.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with races of the non-prepared variety, the less-than-ideal track conditions meant traction became difficult to come by and even harder to maintain. While most of the time the drivers are able to lift in time to save their cars for another day, sometimes things just happen a little too quick, or the driver is just a tad to aggressive and outruns his skill. Whatever the case, crashes happen and some are pretty bad.

Randy Williams’ beautiful 1968 Plymouth Valiant, known as Purple Rain, was lined up alongside the twin turbo Nova known as The Mistress, owned and driven by Shawn Wilhoit. The cars do their burnouts and take the tree, both hoping to make the trip to the finish line first. Through the first second or so, all seems well and the race looks to be shaping up to be a good run. Purple Rain gets a bit of a holeshot on Wilhoit and The Mistress, but just as the turbos really begin spooling on the Nova, things take a literal turn for the worse for Williams.

In the blink of an eye, the Valiant makes an abrupt turn, rolling up and over – rather softly, luckily – before tagging the retaining wall in the opposite lane. The car would come to rest on it’s wheels and Randy indicated that he was fine, but the same couldn’t be said for the car itself. It looks like every body panel on the car was damaged, but the crash certainly could have been far worse. Hopefully Williams will get some body panels rounded up and put the car back together soon!

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