Street Outlaws stars Daddy Dave and Kye Kelley battle it out for $5,000

Last night at Redemption 6.0 at Tulsa Raceway Park, Street Outlaws powerhouses Daddy ...

Last night at Redemption 6.0 at Tulsa Raceway Park, Street Outlaws powerhouses Daddy Dave and Kye Kelley squared off in a heads up battle for $5,000! Dave was making his first event appearance in his newly ProCharged Goliath 2.0 Chevy II, while Kye literally rolled in the gate just in time to compete on Saturday after thrashing to rebuild his Shocker 3rd Gen Camaro after smacking the wall with both ends a couple of weeks ago.

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The two drivers – who have no love lost for each other after years of butting heads on the streets – lined up in the chilly Oklahoma air on the unprepped TRP surface to see who had what it took to turn on that win light and take home the cash. Both cars launched hard with their noses in the air, and it appeared Kelley had the race in hand as they passed the mid-track camera. However, Dave’s deuce was building a head of steam and drove around the Shocker on the top end to take the win. It did appear Kye got a bit out of shape, but it’s hard to tell if that played a factor in Dave nosing him out at the stripe.

This was definitely one great race and the chance of this being the last we see of these two duking it out is near zero!


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