Street Outlaws Stumble Upon a Street Race!

It still seems as if there is no certain direction as far as COVID-19 goes. Some ...

It still seems as if there is no certain direction as far as COVID-19 goes. Some states have been lifting the stay-at-home orders while other jurisdictions remain cautious. For those who aren’t quite sure about what to do, we would recommend doing a little bit of research for yourself. The best way to approach any situation is by obtaining as much information as humanly possible. An informed decision is truly the best decision that someone can make.

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Throughout the entirety of the Coronavirus scare, though, it seems like the streets have been open. Again, we have to warn you to do your best job of educating yourself and making the judgment that is right for you. However, these racers weren’t scared by the virus one bit. Instead, they would head to the streets for a little bit of grudge racing.

This time, we check in with a flick from BigRob Entertainment that hit the web in mid-May. The video shows all sorts of racers turning up for a little bit of friendly competition. After a while of being cooped up, being able to compete in some sense is definitely something that many of us are missing out on. These drivers, including a couple of familiar faces from Street Outlaws, decided to hop in on the action for a little bit of fun.

By following along with the video below, we get to join in on that action for ourselves. This one features all sorts of different cars and different levels of competition. We don’t get to see any of the main vehicles from Street Outlaws broken out. However, those familiar faces that we mentioned have some of their daily drivers out and about. Sometimes, we enjoy watching these rides just as much as those that we see on the big show.

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