Street Outlaws Unedited Murder Nova vs Big Tire Corvette – BigRob Entertainment

Tempers exploded on last week’s episode of Street Outlaws following this race ...

Tempers exploded on last week’s episode of Street Outlaws following this race when Shawn in the Murder Nova took an easy win over this twin turbo big tire Chevrolet Corvette that was part of the visiting group from Ohio. In this unedited footage from Big Rob Entertainment, you can clearly see that the swoopy C4 – a car that should have been solid competition for Murder Nova – missed the opportunity to build boost while bumping to the starting line.

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Leaving with no boost in a turbo car is about the same as starting a race in reverse, as you can see, the car barely leaves the line while Shawn launches hard into the distance, taking the win by several hundred feet. Those who watched the episode know that Chief clearly explained the staging procedure to the drivers, but the Corvette’s pilot clearly misunderstood the procedure, leading to an easy win for the 405.

When the race is over, the spectators all gather to discuss what happened, and the video ends before the drivers return to the starting line, where the tempers nearly led to blows between the ‘Vette driver’s wife and Boosted GT‘s girlfriend Kayla!

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