Street Race Interrupted By Semi Speeding by

When it comes to racing, especially in a straight line, you catch all sorts of ...

When it comes to racing, especially in a straight line, you catch all sorts of different vehicle types lining up that are ready to go at it. This time, we check out quite the interesting battle as a Tesla Model X P90D goes up against a BMW M5 F10. Now, we don’t want to discount this battle as being one that’s not interesting to watch because it definitely is, however, the most interesting part of this race has absolutely nothing to do with the throwdown between these two cars. Instead, outside factors at play here are the truly shocking part of this encounter.

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We watch from inside of the Tesla as these two go at it, ripping alongside one another in order to try and gain the lead, however, once they are finished racing, they discover that a third competitor has hopped in the loop. As the camera flashes over and catches the speedometer in excess of 150 kmh, a speed that translates to right around 100 mph, a semi truck comes into the picture, blasting past the cars and leaving them like they’re standing still. You have to think that the truck was traveling well over 100mph, maybe even approaching 150mph!

Follow along with the video down below that takes you on the scene as the street race is interrupted by a the big bad brute that speeds by and really puts these cars in their place! I’m not sure exactly how safe it is for such a truck to be traveling at such a rate of speed but, one thing that is for sure is that from this perspective inside of the Tesla, the truck really gives you a rush as it rocks by and fades into the distance. That is one heavy hunk of metal that is barreling its way down the highway at an incredible rate.

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