Stunt Driver Breaks Out “Tactical Driving” to Pull Out in High Pressure Scenarios

When we cruise down the highway with a rocking song on the radio, we might feel ...

When we cruise down the highway with a rocking song on the radio, we might feel almost invincible. In reality, though, if it came down to a situation where driving skills were put to the test, how would most do? We would be inclined to think that in a tactical driving situation, not too many people would do so hot.

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What is tactical driving? It’s basically any sort of wheeling that involves complex maneuvers that will better assist the driver to reach their destination or goal. Essentially, if someone is looking to get out of a tight spot or capture a fleeing suspect, tactical driving could help. Sometimes, this means simply getting out of harm’s way. Other times, though, it may even mean that the driver has to go on the offensive.

This time, Wyatt Knox, Special Projects Director at the Team O’Neil Rally School, puts on a real show for us. Wired was on the scene as Knox demonstrates just a couple of tactical driving maneuvers. As he says, most of the time, these probably wouldn’t be very useful in civilian life. However, every once in awhile, military or law enforcement personnel might just need to pull out one of these driving stunts.

By following along with the video below, we get the inside scoop on what exactly it’s like to drive like a boss. We wouldn’t recommend breaking any of these out without the help of a trained professional. However, we can’t help but watch in amazement as he carries out some of these intense maneuvers. We really need to sign up for this wicked school!

To top it all off, we get some practical, everyday advice from Knox that might help drivers in challenging conditions. When it comes to approaching treacherous or unfamiliar conditions, better safe than sorry!

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