Subaru Engine + Add a Full Bottle of Nitrous? Wait For The Boom!

When it comes time to get rid of a faithful old daily driver, or a beater than would ...

When it comes time to get rid of a faithful old daily driver, or a beater than would be better served as parts than a running, driving car, it’s no fun to just junk it. Instead, why not have a little fun with everbody’s favorite power-adder-in-a-bottle, nitrous oxide.

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These guys decided to do just that with this Subaru, and the result is every bit as awesome as you’d hope it would be.

For those who don’t know, nitrous oxide is a gas that, when mixed with fuel and ignited, creates a much more potent flame than just air and fuel alone. When introduced in large quantities, it creates a huge increase in horsepower, enough to propel drag cars into the 3.6 second range in the 1/8th mile at well over 200 MPH. Needless to say, the stuff is incredibly potent, and can be dangerous, so if you decide to go out and try this, be sure to read up on what not to do before you get started.

These guy have the right idea, as they simply run the feed line from the bottle into the Subie’s intake and crack the valve open on the bottle itself. While some engines can survive for a while with nitrous being pumped into the cylinders, this one only lasts a couple of seconds. And usually the engine failure is nothing fun to watch, but again, the Subaru proves to be different, as it quite literally explodes, sending a fireball back out of the intake and blowing shrapnel quite a ways.

Luckily, everybody had taken a few steps away from the car, and nobody got hit by the flying debris. Amazingly, the engine still tried to run momentarily after the explosion despite the turbo being completely obliterated and the mass air flow sensor being, well, blown clean off the car. Now that the engine has been properly sent off, it’s okay to drag the car to the salvage yard to be dealt with accordingly.

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