Subaru WRX Saves The Day And Pulls Out Stuck Police Officer!

We know that the Subaru WRX has quite the reputation for being an AWD monster in the ...

We know that the Subaru WRX has quite the reputation for being an AWD monster in the snow but this car takes the idea of being good in the snow to an all-new extreme in this particular case that we just had to stop and see once we heard about it. It all happened in Hazel Park, Michigan when this police officer in a Dodge Charger managed to find himself stuck in a snowdrift due to some less than spectacular all season tires but this Subaru that was driving by had the solution for the officer in peril as he hooked up and got to rescuing!

Luckily for the officer, the good Samaritan in the Subaru came by and pulled him out in a matter of seconds, making it look like a piece of cake. It’s incredible to watch the Subie get to work as it links up with the police car and makes this otherwise impossible task for the Dodge look like a piece of cake! There’s nothing like a quick good deed to set the tone for the day. This officer might have otherwise been stranded for hours should the Subaru not have come along and helped to push the situation forward a little bit with incredible traction in these undesirable conditions.

Maybe the police should look into something a little bit more bad weather friendly so they don’t find themselves in such a predicament again! Who knows, maybe before long, the law will decide that they need that AWD capability and start running with Subarus themselves! In a field that needs versatility, it’s kind of surprising to still see RWD only vehicles, especially in an area that sees bad weather like this.

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