Summing Up Everything We Know About The Apple Car, When It Could Be Coming

In an odd phenomenon, Tesla has recently risen to the top ranks of automotive ...

In an odd phenomenon, Tesla has recently risen to the top ranks of automotive manufacturers. If we look toward the stock market for confirmation, the company has become far and wide, the most valuable automotive company in the entire world. As of the writing of this article, their value in market cap is over $377 billion, putting them at more than double the value of the runner up in Toyota that sits at $186.6 billion.

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The crazy part about all of this is that Tesla isn’t a traditional automotive manufacturer. Instead, most of those on Wall Street would probably categorize the company as a tech company. With the surge forward from the brand, it has led many to wonder if other tech companies will get in on creating their own cars as well. Let’s just say that there have definitely been mumbles for years about something like this happening. We would even see the likes of a concept car created by Sony.

However, as exciting of an idea as it might seem like, there has been very little pointing to it ever becoming a real thing. Among the companies that might give it a shot, though, Apple definitely seems like a strong competitor to throw their hat in the ring one day. The only question remaining is if Apple will develop its own car or potentially just create technology to integrate into other automakers’ vehicles.

This time, we check in with a comprehensive video from a YouTube user by the name of Software Man. In this video, we get to hear all about the entire timeline of the potential for an Apple car that dates all the way back to the year 2014.

With all the different murmurs, leaks, and filed patents, there are definitely a lot of signs that point to Apple eventually producing their own car. They even attempted to acquire Tesla at one point, obviously unsuccessfully. However, with the purchase of Drive.Ai, an autonomous driving tech company, they set themselves up to make it in the auto industry.

The writing is on the wall but will Apple ever make the move? By following along with the video below, we might just learn a little bit more that could paint a more complete picture.

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