Sunken $85,000 Boat Called “Finders Keepers” Recovered 2 Years Later!

Sometimes, a day on the water doesn’t exactly go according to plan. Most of the ...

Sometimes, a day on the water doesn’t exactly go according to plan. Most of the time, such a day will be all sunshine and blue skies. Every once in awhile, though, a day unfolds that becomes memorable for all the wrong reasons. For this particular boater, they end up falling into the latter. Things became a bit of a headache once an expensive vessel went down. $85,000 under the water later, the rescue effort was on.

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Adding insult to injury, the loss of the boat┬áisn’t where it stops. Instead, the expenses just keep on rolling. Now, the person responsible is now also responsible for getting the vessel out of the water as well. Underwater recoveries like this can end up being pretty expensive. At the end of the day, the owner might just be removing waste from the bottom of the lake. There isn’t necessarily any sort of upside or anything recoverable in a spot like this. It’s hard to tell without taking a deeper look.

This time, the recovery was happening no matter what. Luckily, our narrator tells us that parts of this one might just be salvageable. If nothing else, maybe the vessel will help to provide information to make future vessels better.

As far as rescues go, this one seems to be rather straightforward. No situation like this is easy without an abundance of experience and the right tools. However, it doesn’t seem like there’re too many hangups here. By following along with the video below, we get to see how a vessel like this is brought back to the surface. Let’s just say that a little bit of strategic planning and some airbags definitely went a long way here. We’re sure that it’s a lot more complicated than it looks.

YouTube/Adventures with Purpose.

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