Supermodel DESTROYS Ferrari 458 With A Sledgehammer!

Supermodel Absolutely DESTROYS Ferrari 458 With A Sledgehammer! 1 of 500 limited ...

Supermodel Absolutely DESTROYS Ferrari 458 With A Sledgehammer!

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Normally when you see a gorgeous girl posing along side a beautiful Ferrari the thoughts that go through your head are simple. She is probably there for a photo shoot or video shoot where she is laying all over the car half naked looking like a wanna be super model, the tables are turned in this video as the girl finds her boyfriend or husband sleeping with another girl and she is PISSED. This Ferrari Abuse video is 100% cringeworthy…

As she uses the sledgehammer to destroy the body panels and windows of the red Ferrari she takes a swing at the Forgiato Rims on the Ferrari. As you watch her swing at the wheels you think the expensive set of wheels is going to get destroyed. Quite the opposite happens and not a single scratch or dent is left on the rims.

Take A look at the strength of these high end wheels if they hold up to a sledgehammer they must be strong… right?

This hit and run got a lot more complicated than anyone would have liked!


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