Suspects lead Police on dangerous high speed pursuit through Southern California streets!

The Los Angeles area is a hot spot for police chases, and the news crews have gotten ...

The Los Angeles area is a hot spot for police chases, and the news crews have gotten really good at capturing these intense pursuits! Thanks to KTLA’s news chopper and a cameraman with excellent skills and concentration, we get a cinema-quality perspective of this suspect trying to evade the cops in a stolen Honda Civic.

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The fleeing driver actually does some pretty decent driving, although he does do some extremely dangerous things at times. At least he manages to keep the car under control at all times as he weaves through traffic, at times so deftly it seems like a coordinated chase scene from an action thriller.

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For those familiar with the LA area, the commentator does an excellent job of keeping track of the street names throughout the chase, giving locals an exact location of the action. And even if you’ve never been to California, you have to appreciate this newscaster’s knowledge of the roadways. Eventually, as they always do, the police manage to end the chase after a successful PIT Maneuver by one of the pursuing officers. This is just another example of why you trying to outrun the police is never a good idea.

Update: A male and female were taken into custody in Whittier after a driver led officers on a dangerous multi-county pursuit on Southern California freeways and surface streets during the Tuesday morning commute, aerial video from Sky5 showed.Read KTLA's story here:

Posted by KTLA 5 News on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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