Swamp Thing vs David Bird Jones in the Evil Impala at Tucson Street Outlaws No Prep

When it comes to racing, a form of motorsport that’s all about being small and ...

When it comes to racing, a form of motorsport that’s all about being small and lightweight, there’s just something about the bigger vehicles that really strikes a nerve with lots of enthusiasts. Just because it’s something that doesn’t really seem to fit and also doesn’t really seem like it would work well, it almost makes you cheer these kinds of cars on and hope that they make it down the track as efficiently as possible and overcome the stigma that surrounds these kinds of bigger rides that don’t look like performers.

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This time, we check out a couple of heavyweights as they definitely get down to action when David Bird Jones hops behind the wheel of the Evil Impala, a Chevrolet Impala SS that has definitely received more than its fair share of attention to make it a powerful machine off of the line and in the other lane, we get a chance to check out Swamp Thing yet again, another car that is pretty massive but also seems to haul the mail when you need it to. With both of these heavyweights getting ready to smash each other in the mouth as they get off the line quickly, it’s bound to be a great race.

In the video below, you’ll be able to check out all of the previously mentioned factors in addition to the fact that it’s all happening at a no prep event. That’s right, these big, bad machines are going to have to face yet another challenge as they go up against the surface that certainly is not accommodating of putting down gobs of power, something that both of these cars definitely have. It’s bound to be a great race, so keep your eyes peeled because the action from this no prep is coming at you fast.

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