Take a Tour of Richard Petty’s Garage

If you have the time to think of some of the most impressive names in all of racing ...

If you have the time to think of some of the most impressive names in all of racing who have had the most storied careers and have become household brands that can be recognized around the world, I’m not really sure how you could go down that list without including the one and only Richard Petty somewhere near the top. They don’t call him “The King” for no reason as he has definitely come up with a list of accomplishments that pull together on the slate for a storied career. As you could imagine, with such high honors would probably come quite the collection of race related memorabilia as well.

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In this one, the goal is to give us a tour of the garage of the one who they call “The King.” Petty really seems to have it all from trophies to merchandise and even some cars created in his likeness. It’s quite the journey to take a spin through this collection, seeing just how creative things get behind the walls of the garage of one of the most famed names in all of the sport. It’s pretty neat to get the opportunity to be able to pick apart the brain of somebody who has truly done just about everything that there is to do in the world of motorsports as you’re able to see exactly how he lays out his very own garage.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to get the covers pulled off of just that space, seeing how Richard Petty himself prefers to keep his very own garage. After seeing this space, is it everything that you expected? Is this what you thought that The King would have done or would you have pictured anything differently in your vision of the ultimate racing garage?

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