Taking the Farmbird For a Little Cruise in OKC!

Sure, it might be easy to get wrapped up in all of the ups and downs that go into ...

Sure, it might be easy to get wrapped up in all of the ups and downs that go into creating a car that is designed to go to war in a particular competition but sometimes, with all of the drama and the effort to work toward that one goal, people can tend to forget that there is an in between where you can just go out and enjoy your car for what it is without having to worry about winning a competition.

Photo credit – 405 Photo

This time, we check out a machine that you might have heard of that’s known as the “Farmbird,” the concoction that Farmtruck and AZN came up with to use to compete in the Mega Race with the Gas Monkey Garage crew. While the point of this whole build might’ve been too be able to try and outmaneuver Aaron Kaufman and his LS swapped BMW M3, the car’s usefulness goes way beyond that.

This time, we tune in to a situation that seems simple but is oh so gratifying as the dynamic duo takes the car for a cruise around the 405. Being behind the wheel of this thing really has to mean that you draw your fair share of attention and heads turning everywhere that you go as people just want to see what this obscure looking set of wheels is all about.

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Check out the video down below that will take you along for the ride in the 405 that shows off this build’s true colors and its streetability! I’m not sure how you feel about this machine created in the likeness of the original Farmtruck, but we have to say that we’re loving every minute of it!

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