Tandem Drifting Within Inches Of Each Other Is Poetry In Motion

No matter what motorsport you’re taking a look at, in order to be at the top of ...

No matter what motorsport you’re taking a look at, in order to be at the top of your game, it will take lots of dedication, a vehicle that is set up properly, and the focus that cannot be detracted from no matter what the situation. With these necessities, you’ll find that they are especially true for the drifting community as, when you’re throwing car sideways, you want to make sure that you have all of your wits about you because one false move in a sideways slide could end up being pretty dangerous not only your vehicle but also your bodily health.

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Now, just imagine taking the art of drifting, by yourself, and throwing it into a tandem, going drifting with one or multiple other cars as you come in close proximity to one another. This not only takes a great ability from both drivers but also will take trust in the other driver that he or she isn’t going to slip up and run into you or end up getting a little bit angry and cave one of your doors in. However, when you see it come together just right, it’s certainly a display that is to be admired and can straight up mesmerize you as you get lost in the sideways slide that seems to be right up to the brink of losing control as drivers master the drift.

If you follow along down in the clip below, you’ll be able to join in with a couple of drivers who do a pretty darn good job of mirroring one another through the turns as they send their cars sideways and absolutely kill it out there. There’s something about this display that brings you to the edge of your seat and also puts you at rest at the same time. When you see somebody with talent like this, it might just happen to strike you.


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