TBSS Goes On A Rampage, Blows World Record Out Of The Water

The Trailblazer SS, while out of production now, is, without a doubt, one of the most ...

The Trailblazer SS, while out of production now, is, without a doubt, one of the most competitive family haulers out there on the track and this time, we check one out that has been taken from its state as a potent yet civil family hauler performance machine and transformed into the ultimate screaming record setter. After watching something like this haul the mail down the track, it’s kind of disappointing that the performance SUV segment never really caught on in a big way and Jeep is really the only one left reaching out to people who love to go fast in a heavyweight SUV like this.

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Anyway, all market talk aside, this time, we’re zoning in on an incredibly impressive Trailblazer that has really been coming into its own as of late, blasting into the record books with what sonds like a lot of juice still on the table to unleash. If you follow along with this amazing ride, you’ll be able to sit in the front row as it hits the track at Beech Bend to attempt to knock its very own record even deeper. Previously, the truck managed an 8.93-second pass, setting the record in the quarter mile and this time, it’s out for vengeance, looking to pound that record even deeper into the sand.

With a killer turbo setup that forces air through a 388ci powerplant, Matt takes to the track with the high horsepower brick to see what kind of elapsed time numbers it can pull in when it blasts through the quarter mile at full speed which just so happens to be over 150 mph.

Ride along with the BigKleib34 feature below that takes you inside of this incredible SUV as it sneaks its way right into the eights, the deep eights, making it the first ever Trailblazer SS to do so and rendering it the fastest ever. Just how deep will it go? Well, it looks like we’re going to find out!

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