Teens Trying to Steal Car Stopped by Stick Shift

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Teens Trying to Steal Car Stopped by Stick Shift

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Trying to steal a car from an old lady is about as low as you can get on the chain of criminals and as immoral as these thieves were, it turns out that they were even dumber!

When running up on the woman and holding a gun to her head over a Kia, she complied, but when the car jackers hopped into the car, they were greeted by an unwelcome surprise.

None of them were able to drive a stick shift, making this Kia pretty theft proof, at least when it comes to this group of would be criminals. It turns out that the same gear shifter that stumped them in their crime also provided police with evidence to track them down.

Check out the video below that dives into this story head first and gives us all of the details. This probably isn’t the brightest moment in these criminals’ career.

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