Terrible Bugatti Veyron Kit Car Catches $85,000 Bid! Worst Replica Ever?

The world of kit cars and replicas is a strange and wonderful place, and this guy has ...

The world of kit cars and replicas is a strange and wonderful place, and this guy has found a truly unique build, although this time, we mean unique in the worst possible way. Put simply, this Bugatti Veyron kit car is terrible, possibly the worst recreation of an exotic car that we’ve ever seen.

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It’s hard to even pick a spot to start on this thing. The car itself is an MG of some kind, though it’s impossible to tell exactly which model the bogus Bugatti is build upon. Besides the overall dimensions being completely off – it’s shorter front to rear and narrower than a real Veyron, but taller at the roofline – nothing on the car fits quite right either. The angles around the headlights, which appear to be simply cut out around the factory MG lights, are completely wrong. The taillights are just completely wrong as well, from the shape and size to the type of lenses used.

And then, there’s the body of the replica itself. There really are no words, but if we were going to try, “terrible”, “awful”, and “ridiculous” come to mind first. It appears whoever built this thing took some sheets of plastic and just sort of shaped them around the MG, sort of in the shape of a Veyron, but not really getting it all that close at any point. Perhaps the builder is more of a “it’s close enough” type of guy. Either way, this thing is outright hideous.

However, in a surprising twist of irony, the car did manage to pull down a bid of $85,000 on eBay. We can’t help but wonder if the buyer that place that bid is serious, or maybe he’s going to but the car and put it out of its misery. Perhaps somebody out there with a nice sized following is planning to use it for a publicity stunt. We can imagine the fun to be had – and views to be gained – by destroying this thing on camera.

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