Terrifying Tow Truck The REPO Reaper!

Terrifying Tow Truck The REPO Reaper!you're reading this right, claim 2x the entries ...

Terrifying Tow Truck The REPO Reaper!

you're reading this right, claim 2x the entries now!
Get entered above for $50,000 / 750+hp cts-v3!

Just when you thought that the contraptions coming out of Russia could get any more obscure, we run into a bad machine posing as a tow truck that might give you nightmares.

This repo reaper takes no prisoners as it drives down the street and scoops up any car that it pleases with complete ease, showing off its power.

This time, we catch it in action as its crane arm picks up a big load and plops it right in the back, showing off more brute strength than you could ever imagine.

Check out the video below that shows the machine in action. Seeing this thing outside of your house would definitely classify as a worst case scenario!

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