Tesla Drops Prices on Every Last Model in Reaction to Reduction in Government Incentives

Whether or not you thought that, when the day would come that electric cars begin to ...

Whether or not you thought that, when the day would come that electric cars begin to make a strong presence in the marketplace, you would truly be interested in maybe buying one for yourself, you have to admit that now that the time is here and Tesla has claimed their stake as the strongest competitors in that space, these guys are really making some vehicles that are entertaining to at least look into. However, the price might be something that throws you off just a touch.

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If you were one of those people who might not have seen enough benefit in purchasing a car that also happens to have a decent price tag to go with it, perhaps the $7500 tax credit could be something of interest to you. However, as 2018 has come to a close, the tax incentive has also expired to a lower bracket of rebate. However, Tesla has decided that they are going to do a little something to combat this new raising cost to its buyers as every vehicle will now have a $2000 reduction in price, combined with the lower graduation of tax reduction of $3750, essentially meaning that you’re grabbing $5750 in rebates instead of $7500, if you choose to grab a Tesla.

“The rules of the credit spell out that only the buyers of the first 200,000 electric vehicles sold by each manufacturer are eligible for the full amount; after that point, the credit begins to decrease over time. Although Tesla already hit the 200,000 mark earlier this year, the $7500 tax credit will apply to vehicles delivered before the end of 2018.”

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To do the math for you, that means that among of the vehicles in the Tesla lineup, the Model 3 will now have a starting price of $44,000, the Model S is sitting at $76,000 and the Model X at $82,000. Sure, Uncle Sam won’t be helping out quite as much but I’m sure that the company won’t mind the small price reduction as their latest quarter has registered a pretty substantial hike in sales volume.


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