Tesla Model X vs Hummer H2 Tug Of War

On today’s episode of Unlikely Tug of War Opponents, we have literal opposites tied ...

On today’s episode of Unlikely Tug of War Opponents, we have literal opposites tied up going head-to-head with each other. Well, technically they’re tied up rear-to-rear, but you know what I meant.

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In the world of fuel efficiency, there could be no more exact opposites than these two rides. One literally creates no exhaust fumes, while the other is a gas guzzling people mover that puts gas mileage way down the list of priorities. However, the drastic difference in philosophy doesn’t mean they won’t make for a good tug of war, because they actually do.

Tesla’s Model X is the ultra efficient, high-tech SUV on the left side of the duel, tied to the back bumper of GM’s Hummer H2, the slightly smaller and more refined brother of the behemoth Hummer H1. If you ask most people on the street which of these 2 would win a tug of war, something tells me you’re gonna get near-100% answers in favor of the Hummer. However, if you know anything about electric cars, you know many of them are capable of delivering nearly all of their power down low, so the Model X is actually pretty well capable of dragging the Hummer around if traction allows.

Unfortunately, traction is going to be limited by the rain, which has soaked the ground during the tug of war. That doesn’t stop the two ride from doing their best, but the driver of the Hummer is doing a little too much to make sure he doesn’t lose to the Tesla.

If you look closely, the H1’s brake lights are on long after the Tesla has already began to pull. After the Tesla loses traction, the Hummer driver swaps the brake for a little throttle and has little trouble pulling the smaller, lighter Tesla forward.

On the last round, though, they get a more fair start and things don’t quite go as planned for the Hummer, with the Model X pulling it quite handily for several yards. While the H2 looks the part, the Model X proved it belongs in the SUV world for more than just fuel efficiency.

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