Tesla Vehicles Soon to Stream Netflix and Youtube While Driving or Charging

Every time that we begin to think that Tesla couldn’t get any more creative, ...

Every time that we begin to think that Tesla couldn’t get any more creative, outcomes another feature that really makes these things a little bit more interesting. Among these features, we see things like self-driving capability or “sentinel mode” that basically acts as the car’s personal security. As they’re being constantly updated wirelessly, we never know what’s going to come next.

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Apparently, Elon Musk has set his sights on making his cars a little bit more entertaining. For those who have inside of a Tesla, they know that cars have a beautiful display to act as a head unit. From here, occupants can do the traditional things that a car’s controls would do. They can adjust the temperature inside of the vehicle or maybe turn up the radio. In addition, although, more and more features are being added. This even includes the likes of being able to play games! With a massive touch screen, the options are pretty much limitless.

In one of his latest ventures, though, it appears as if Elon is working to give the car the ability to stream YouTube and Netflix. When having to stop to charge the vehicle, this could definitely come in handy. He went to Twitter to tease the eventual release. However, streaming these video services while parked isn’t all that Musk has his sights set on.

In addition to his tweet about attempting to turn a Tesla into a movie theater, he wants to take it one step further. Autonomous driving really gives us the opportunity to take multitasking to an all-new level. Sometimes, this might mean getting work done while the car is driving for us. Other times, though, it could mean kicking back and relaxing while catching up on our favorite Netflix series.

In the string of tweets, Musk would continue that when self-driving is eventually deregulated a bit, Drivers will also have the opportunity to watch YouTube or Netflix while the vehicle is in motion. This takes comfort on road trips to an all-new level.

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