Insane Torture Testing! Plow Truck VS Railroad Tracks

With the product like a snow plow that is one that’s going to take a beating, ...

With the product like a snow plow that is one that’s going to take a beating, companies definitely want their customer to know how tough it is. After all, what a decent amount of competition in this space, companies are going to want to put their best foot forward.

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On the surface, it would appear as if most of the products in this space do about the same thing. While we’re sure that there are differences, plow companies need to go to extremes to prove it. Those that have the image of being one of the toughest, most durable, or most useful could go a long way towards selling units. It appears as if this time, one company really wanted to take it to the extreme to prove that point. Sometimes, in marketing, companies need to do something crazy to stand out from the pack. That’s exactly what we see here and then some.

It appears as if what we’re looking at is some sort of advertisement for a company that goes by the name of “Pathfinder.” While the most logical way to advertise a snow plow would be to show it pushing snow, these guys have something else in mind. Instead, it appears as if they wanted to display the plow’s ultimate ability to withstand abuse so naturally, they put it in the most abusive situation that they could possibly think up. Let’s just say that it involves some railroad tracks and things got rather brutal in a hurry.

By following along with the video below, we get to see quite the extreme test. At first, we weren’t even sure if the driver here was aware that he was about to drive across the tracks with doom lurking over the horizon. This was what originally caught our attention. As we waited for the plow to end up failing as the machine hit the tracks, things actually took quite a turn. Before we knew it, the plow was withstanding the beating of a lifetime. Now that is how you do viral marketing!

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