The 12,000rpm Subaru Called Betty Revs To The Moon!

Across the automotive landscape, there are all types of different combinations that ...

Across the automotive landscape, there are all types of different combinations that you can get yourself tied up in if you’re looking have a good time. You could go down the path that is paved by the tried-and-true, those combinations that always make decent power and are pretty much as close to being guaranteed as it gets, providing a much smoother transition to your goal of getting as much power as possible. However, as much as we all love those cornerstones of performance, it’s also not hard to see where people could get a little bit tired of them, willing to try a little something different out to get their way to their horsepower destination.

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This time, we check out something that most certainly has cranked up the meter on the “different” scale as it shows off a combination that we are sure will make people want to pop the hood. By putting together a destroked EJ engine that’s able to rev have to an astonishing 12,000 RPM and sounds absolutely terrific doing so while also having the performance to match that sound, this thing really comes alive, especially when you consider the fact that it’s aided by a Garrett GTW3884 turbo that really comes into its own, creating peak boost at 40psi that’s good for a pretty heavy punch that comes to the tune of 600whp, more than enough to get a setup like this moving along the right direction.

If you check out the video below, you’ll be able to get quite the up close and personal view of this Subaru as you get the opportunity to go through the entire thing with a fine tooth comb, really finding some fan favorite aspects of the car that make it pop out of the video and practically comes life in front of your eyes!

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