The $150,000 1999 Y2K Jet Bike – Jay Leno’s Garage

When it’s motorcycles that are the topic at hand, you can find them fitted with ...

When it’s motorcycles that are the topic at hand, you can find them fitted with all kinds of different engines and aftermarket equipment. Heck, some even come with bigger engines than you could ever imagine as they’re custom built to fit V8 powerplants and sometimes even larger applications. This time, however, as you can probably imagine with the likes of Jay Leno showing it off, we’re able to check out a bike that is unlike any you have ever seen before. This thing pretty much flips the switch on what crazy is when it comes to the world of motorcycle modification.

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We aren’t talking about something as simple as a big engine strapped to a lightweight frame here, but instead, the traditional engine is foregone in favor of a jet engine! Thanks to its jet propulsion, this bike is able to reach speeds of 237 mph! That’s enough to peel the skin right off of your face if you aren’t careful. In addition, after all of that that power is created, Leno tells us that the exhaust can reach temperatures of 1400°F. Long story short, I wouldn’t want to be caught standing near this thing as it roared on by.

Follow along down in the video below that gives you the rundown on everything that you can expect from such an obscure motorcycle that is said to be worth a whopping $150,000. With this one, you can literally ride down the street with a jet engine between your legs. This machine would most certainly take some guts to hop on board and ride. Would you be willing to crack that throttle wide open and rocket to north of 200 mph on this jet-powered machine?


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