The 5 Best Harbor Freight Tool Gems

In garages and workshops across the country, a debate roars on between those who ...

In garages and workshops across the country, a debate roars on between those who think that Harbor Freight tools are the best for getting the job done and others who think that you need to buy top-of-the-line tools in order to have a satisfactory experience while branching in the garage.

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While we aren’t necessarily going to advocate for one side or the other in this debate, we are here to share one guy’s experience of some of his favorite tools that he has managed to pick up at Harbor Freight along the way – an experience that he has claimed to bring down the price enough to single-handedly allow him to dive into woodworking.

While the quality is debatable in comparison to top dollar tools, almost any tool that you can buy it from a major brand-name manufacturer can be purchased at Harbor Freight for a fraction of the cost. This time, we dive inside of five favorite tools that this guy has picked up along the way that he has found to be more than satisfactory in getting the job done all while not costing an arm and a leg to buy.

Check out the video below that takes you inside of this woodworking shop that shows everything from a disc┬ásander to an air compressor and everything in between. When it comes down to what you’re putting in your own toolbox, do you think that Harbor Freight tools are worth the price savings?

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