The 5000HP Devel Sixteen Might Just Be The Worlds Craziest Supercar!

There have been few cars more polarizing than the Devel Sixteen. Still in the concept ...

There have been few cars more polarizing than the Devel Sixteen. Still in the concept phase, the general consensus seems to be split over whether the car is actually coming to market or nothing more than exactly what you see in this video: a concept car with no substance or plans of actually coming to fruition.

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What we do know about the car that can’t be disputed: it’s CRAZY looking, and I mean that in a good way. There’s no denying the car has some insane lines and is incredibly menacing from just about every angle. The front end is insanely aggressive and the massive outlets for the exhaust on the rear really tie the fighter jet inspiration together.

Another factor that we have verifies is the claimed horsepower output. While it’s claim of 500 MPH may be a bit lofty, we know the quad turbo V16 developed specifically for this car not only exists, but the 5,000 horsepower claim has been proven on the dyno… sort of. Developed by Steve Morris racing engines, the 12.3 liter V16 cranked out an absurd 4,515 horsepower on Morris’ engine dyno.

“But, Taco… 4,515 is not 5,000!”

I hear you. What makes the 5,000 horsepower level plausible is that the 4,515 was made at a relatively los 36 PSI. Crank the boost up to 40 PSI, using the generally accepted 200 hp-per-PSI adjustment and you’re looking at an easy 5,000 horsepower, so there’s no denying the car will have a ton of power, if it ever comes to market. I keep bringing up that “if” point because there are many who seem to believe the car is nothing but a ploy to generate funding with no actual intention of ever going to production. This video does little to quell those concerns, as we have nothing to see but he same non-running concept car that was seen last year at the Dubai Motor Show. While the tandem of YouTubers in the video seem to be speaking in facts, we’ve heard nothing of the car going to production next year in any of its three proposed iterations.

Time will tell, but I personally and going to hang out right here, straddling this fence until I see something factual to move me one way or the other.

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