The Apollo IE is a Flame Throwing BEAST! | Car Spotting in Geneva

If it’s supercar status that you’re chasing down, there are definitely a ...

If it’s supercar status that you’re chasing down, there are definitely a couple of qualities that will qualify you to be a part of the pack. While some of these qualities sum it up better than others, I think many would agree that there are a certain set of criteria that one vehicle must fall into in order to be described as a supercar. These cars are definitely agile and fast, will often be aggressive in an incredibly sporty way, and really make a statement that helps them to stand out from the rest of the pack. Sure, vehicles that you’ll find from Lamborghini and Ferrari are probably a go-to when you think of a supercar, however, there are some that really seem to make a statement in a different way!

When you take a look at a car like the Apollo IE, it really brings together everything that you would expect from an almost Hot Wheels-looking supercar. The base price of one of these bad boys starts out at $2.7 million and for that amount of money, you get one of the most aggressive vehicles that money can possibly buy with everything from the styling to the sound and even the performance. Outside, the angles look so sharp that you almost have to be careful not to cut yourself! Under the hood, we see even more of a treat as the car is pushed along by a 6.3L V12 with a top speed that claims over 200 mph. When you combine all this with a sequentially shifted six-speed transmission, the 780 hp monster is certainly loud, boisterous, and as in-your-face as possible.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the car for yourself from every angle in all of its glory, showing off its what it is that makes it one that many would consider to be one of the most aggressive supercars on the market today.

As most of us probably don’t have nearly $3 million sitting around to go buy one for ourselves, taking a look at a video like this truly is a nice treat to acquaint yourself with the Apollo IE.

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