The Baddest Drag Trucks Of The North!

When it comes to everything off-road, we can trust our friends at Triple-X ...

When it comes to everything off-road, we can trust our friends at Triple-X Motorsports and Outdoors to bring us some of the best of the best quality content. Whether it’s going deep in the mud pit or some sort of off-road drag racing, you know where to find that action. This time, it just so happens to be the latter and we check out some of the baddest drag racing trucks of the north, at least when it comes to the off-road variety. X is on the scene, giving us as much content as we can possibly consume. Just when you thought that the badass mud racing only happened in the south, well, you’ve been proven wrong.

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This time, the action just so happens to be coming from a spot that’s called the 2018 Extreme Off-Road Expo and it all happened up in Michigan. As you can see from the footage here, some of the craziest off-road trucks really came together as the purpose built machines dug down deep, found a little bit of  traction in the mud, and showed their worth, proving that even though the mud is moving around and they don’t exactly have a solid surface like you’d have on a regular drag strip, that these machines could hold their own with pretty much anything that you put them up against.

If you follow along with the footage down below, we think that you’ll be in for a real treat as you get a birdseye view of all of the action that might just raise your heart rate a little bit and have your palms sweaty as the adrenaline within certainly is enough to really get you going. Perhaps, in this group of impressive machines, you’ll be able to pick out a favorite or two that you could model your build after.


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