The BEATER BOMB -vs- Rotary Powere Bola De Humo RX7! Huge Wheelie!

After a lot of effort and time is invested to build up a reputation, cars can find ...

After a lot of effort and time is invested to build up a reputation, cars can find their way into the limelight, becoming fan favorites. We’re not really sure what the exact formula is to become a fan favorite, however, when you have a couple of those types of cars, it can be a lot of fun to watch them go up against one another to see exactly how two icons are able to hold their own when it comes to going to town with another icon. This time, we get exactly that look as a couple of cars that are pretty popular in their own right found themselves lining up against one another in a match that’s sure to be a great one every time.

In one lane, we have the one and only Beater Bomb, the infamous Fox Body Ford Mustang that has managed to come into its own on the streets, this time, taking to the legal version of racing up against Bola de Humo, a Mazda RX-7 that has really been known to put on a show as well. If there is one thing that we know, it’s that both of these cars are going to be fast and it might even come down to a driver battle to see exactly who’s going to take this one home when it comes time to light the win-bulb at the end of the track and take victory.

Follow along down in the video below from the guys over at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos as they capture the moment as two spectacular cars go up against one another and Beater Bomb ends up putting it on the bumper, riding out a massive wheelie that lasts for a pretty long time. Long story short, this one has all the fixings for a battle that you’re going to want to see. If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch all of the action for yourself as you follow closely with this piston versus rotary matchup that really puts these two drivers to the test.

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