The Best Of Yamaha Banshee’s Compilation | RAW 2-Strokes Ripping

If ripping around on a four wheeler is your forte, the Yamaha Banshee might just be a ...

If ripping around on a four wheeler is your forte, the Yamaha Banshee might just be a machine that you’d want to look into. These things don’t hesitate to bring their fair share of power to the table and when you really lay into that throttle and let it ride wide open, it can be a great time for everyone. As we all know, performance is an important metric but one of those little nuances that we all get a kick out of is the way that something sounds and to get to the point, these raw 2-stroke Banshees really let out a note that lets you know they’re moving!

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In this one, we get a whole compilation video of these little four wheeled machines under a whole lot of throttle that might just have your ears standing at attention as the rides rip through wooded areas, fields, sand dunes, and even snow! This is enough to make you want to hop on and want to go blasting yourself. I’m not sure what it is but this adrenaline pumping compilation is almost enough to make anyone want to head out to their local ATV dealer or Craigslist to get their hands on something like this to go out there and plant the throttle for themselves.

Follow along in the video below that compiles all of the sights and sounds that compliment these 2-stroke beasts as they get into a little bit of action and tell us what you think, after turning your speakers up, that is! There’s just something about the way that these things get into a rhythm that will have the hair on your neck standing up.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how ready are you to go out and get into a little bit of trouble with one of these beasts?

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