The Better Looking Solution to the Front License Plate Law *No More Fines*

Depending on where you live or where your car is registered around the country, some ...

Depending on where you live or where your car is registered around the country, some areas require that you have a front license plate attached and others, well, they’re fine with simply having a rear license plate on your car. As you probably know, if you live in one of these jurisdictions, it’s definitely something that can be a hassle.

When you go so far as customizing your car in every last way to have it be exactly what you want it to be, having to be forced to slap a plate on the front end can ruin a lot of what you’ve been trying to accomplish. It basically takes the car that you’ve worked so hard to make your very own and customize in just the right way, adding something to the mix that really puts a damper on things, taking your vision of the perfect automobile and essentially spraying graffiti all over it. To people who don’t understand, we get it but to a car nut, just know that having a front plate can be downright hideous sometimes and this is why people just choose not to run them sometimes, regardless of what the law says.

However, after getting ticketed with hundreds of dollars in fines at a time, it’s something that you’re going to want to handle in a more legal way. You can’t just keep paying fines. Once might be okay but if you keep getting nailed with infractions, you’re not going to keep shoveling out the money forever, right?

This time, down in the video below, we get a nice little treat from the guys over at Gears and Gasoline as they review a product that takes the liberty of sneaking a license plate out of sight when you don’t need it but, when you’re driving around in town, your car then becomes completely legal at the flip of a switch, meaning that you won’t have to spend your time and energy worrying about these pesky license plate infractions any longer. After checking out a product like this one, be sure to tell us where you stand on such a situation. Would you ever get a product like this license plate hider installed on your personal ride?

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