The BMW Tupac Shakur Was Shot in is up For Sale For a Staggering Price!

In western culture, some of the ideas that we come up with are pretty crazy with ...

In western culture, some of the ideas that we come up with are pretty crazy with what’s perceived to be worth a lot of money. While, I think that most would agree that human life is priceless and you couldn’t really put a dollar figure on anybody’s life as opposed to another, when it comes to possessions and who they belonged to, there’s definitely a dollar figure to be placed on just about everything.

You see, the infatuation that we have with celebrities means that pretty much everything that they have ever touched becomes worth money somehow and if you could figure out a way to get them to slap their signature on something, well, it could be worth even more money! I mean, after seeing one of Marilyn Monroe’s dresses go for over a million dollars at auction, you never really know what could happen. At some point in time, this all becomes rather obsessive and it’s really interesting to take a look at to see just how far people will go to collect pop culture.

So, we know that celebrity possessions are worth more than your average possession. So, if Tupac Shakur is one of the godfathers of rap, one of the most well-known and beloved to ever do it, would it follow that his possessions are worth a lot more? Would the car that he was fatally shot in in 1996 be worth an absurd amount of money? Depending on who you ask, that answer could vary in intensity but I think that, across the board, pretty much all collectors would agree that something like this could put together quite the asking price.

If you know very much of anything about Tupac’s life, you probably know of that fateful night where a bullet would enter the BMW 7-Series that he was traveling in, hitting Shakur and sending him to the hospital which would eventually make the car a very important pop-culture item that could bring big time money if you asked the right collector. Just keep in mind that the old Bimmer that you’re looking at is worth more than the majority of American houses.

Now, just to put things in perspective, for a vehicle like this that has no historical significance, the Kelly Blue Book value tells us that a price of, say, $5000 dollars would probably be pretty generous, in fact, it may be even overpaying by about double the value in some areas, however, when you pin one of music’s biggest icon’s deaths to it, that $5000 multiplies rather quickly. The fact that this car has the significance that it does means that the BMW that shouldn’t be worth very much has experts agreeing that it could be worth up to $1 million and the organization that’s in possession of the car, Celebrity Cars Las Vegas, thinks that they can get closer to $1.5 million for the machine that is now in their possession.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to get an up close and personal look at the car that shows exactly what over $1 million in the form of an automobile looks like as the crew from Pawn Stars gets the chance to purchase the crazy piece of history. It’s pretty wild to think that the simple fact that the car was involved in a famous incident makes something that would otherwise be worth nothing more than its ability to be used as transportation, skyrocket in value.

After seeing something like this, you’re really led to wonder exactly why they would’ve repaired this car at all. As a collector’s item, you would think that somebody would really value the exact status of the car as it was left that night, bullet holes in the side and the damage done to the windshield, and all of the other signs that greatness once resided within as this BMW was the car where one of music’s greatest contributors would breathe his last breaths outside of a hospital.

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