The Cold Start Idle on This Twin Engine Powerboat Sounds Glorious!

Just when you thought that high performance applications were reserved for solid ...

Just when you thought that high performance applications were reserved for solid ground only, we bring to you an impressive application that is floating on the water. This thing is sporting not only one but two big and burly V8 Engines that really turn up the intensity on the water. In this one, it’s not much more than a cold start as we aren’t necessarily watching a wide-open throttle pull or anything like that, but even without moving, just the sound coming from this thing really gets your skin crawling and makes you want to see more of it.

Straight from the get-go, you know that this machine is going to be an absolute beast on water. Just imagine being in a boat like that with not one but two engines to push you along the surface as you reach out and touch some pretty wild speed as you bounce around on the liquid surface. If you asked most people what their boat goals are, I would have to say that it would probably look a little something like this. I know that not everybody is into going fast and some people may prefer different kinds of layouts but I think that just about anybody can at least appreciate something like this.

Follow along in the video down below that takes you on the scene as this monstrous machine fires up and probably scares a couple of kids in the process! All jokes aside, this is one really something special that you’ve got to lay your eyes… and ears on. If you have a good set of speakers, we would recommend connecting them now and turning this one up a little bit, or a lot! Heck, who knows, you want to set this boat’s menacing grumble as your ringtone so you can hear it all the time!


Posted by BoatFeed on Monday, October 16, 2017

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