The Count Brings a Classic ’67 Cadillac to Life to Create the Perfect Classic Custom

There are certain vehicles that really reach out to us and speak in a certain way. ...

There are certain vehicles that really reach out to us and speak in a certain way. When it comes to the kind of cool, like that which we see in old school gangster movies, a 60s Cadillac fills the role will. The car kind of says “I’m a badass” without being overly overt about it. These things really take the old school cool to a new level. The massive land yachts with their expressive lines stand to make a statement, no matter what era they are rolling around in.

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This time, we check in with Counting Cars as they have obtained quite the slick Cadillac. In a restoration that takes a little bit of a custom twist, the 1967 Caddy is brought back to life in an all-new way. Top to bottom the car has been completely overhauled and given a couple of subtle yet suggestive touches that really make it pop.

This thing almost seems like a designer’s dream and Count really took it upon himself to make the most of it. Using a mixture of browns and desert tones, this isn’t your typical Cadillac. It tries a couple of different things while staying in the realm of the classic nature of the car that we have come to love.

So, what did Count and the company do with this machine to really make it sing?

By following along with the video below, we get the detailed rundown of how exactly this old-school Cadillac came back to life once again. I think that I speak for a lot of folks when I say that this old school monster would make a nice addition to a variety of different garages. There’s just something about this car that really reaches out and touches us in a way that gets the adrenaline going without even needing to go fast!

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