The Crow is Back! All American Steel 1970 GTO Built for the Street.

Street Outlaws fans, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived: THE CROW ...

Street Outlaws fans, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived: THE CROW IS BACK!!!

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As you all know, Big Chief and Brian “Chucky” Davis tangled up when the OKC guys hosted Detroit’s baddest hotrods, sending both cars into pretty devastating crashes. Chief’s GTO was completely destroyed and Chief himself was pretty banged up. He moved on to the Crowmod, but always knew that was a temporary solution, having every intention of returning to the streets in a steel bodied Pontiac someday.

That day is today! It may not be quite ready to hit the streets, but it’s running and moves under its own power, so it’s well on the way to returning Big Chief to the list in a car that belongs there. Check out the door, one of few salvageable panels from the original Crow. It will be riding along with Chief as he makes his way back up the 405’s Top 10 List!

Congratulations to Big Chief and the Midwest Street Cars crew, we know they’ve been working toward this day for a long time!

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