The Dunes at Pismo Beach Turn Into a Fast Flowing River

Imagine heading to the sand dunes for a day of wheeling when all of a sudden a stream ...

Imagine heading to the sand dunes for a day of wheeling when all of a sudden a stream breaks out and begins to chip away at the edge of the dune! That’s exactly what happened out at Pismo Beach, enough so to shut down the dunes entirely for the day.

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Apparently, the “Wash,” a stream that doesn’t normally run very hard can manage to pick up momentum sometimes and when it does, it has can generate enough power to push a vehicle straight into the ocean. That doesn’t necessarily happen here but watching this thing chip away at its sides is really a sight to see.

A couple of people were on the scene and as a result, we’re able to catch a┬ávideo that shows us what kind of momentum the stream is capable of as a couple of trucks blast through it and get in rather deep. We would hate to see this thing do the big damage that it’s rumored to do!

#WOW Have a look at this #video of the dunes at Pismo Beach. They're shut down due to the 'wash,' a stream that rarely runs this hard and can sweep a vehicle into the ocean. Thanks to #TeamFox26's Darrel Townsend for sending the video | READ MORE:

Posted by KMPH FOX 26 on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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