The “Farmtruck” Skid Truck Crashes 2 Times at Summernats 31

If you were under the impression that we have the most impressive burnouts here in ...

If you were under the impression that we have the most impressive burnouts here in America, head down to Australia and they’ll really show you how it’s done. As someone who is incredibly proud of all the performance that we have managed to build here in the States, I think that it’s pretty easy to admit that we’ve been beaten down pretty hard when it comes to the art of the burnout. Those guys and gals down under have entire events based around being able to kill tires on a skid pad and the result is a lot of fun to watch as cars push it to the edge, not only killing tires but also destroying other components and creating quite a show on their way to burnout supremacy.

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This time, we check out what happens when you throw an American on the skidpad as Farmtruck and AZN take a crack at spinning some tires with their very own creation in the “Skid Truck,” a Farmtruck replica that was designed with going sideways in mind and when it comes down to it, the truck does exactly that, however, the show doesn’t necessarily go off without a hitch. As it turns out, when it would make its way down to Summer Nats 31, the Skid Truck would end up crashing not once but twice! Now, if that were drag racing machine, that would probably be a big deal but it wouldn’t shock me if these guys kind of expected something like that to happen when they went out there on the burnout pad.

I’m sure that, during this experience, the dynamic duo probably had a great time and if there’s something that I can say for sure, it’s definitely that watching them beat the living hell out of this truck is absolutely a great time to watch. Follow along down in the video below to go to the scene of the action for yourself. We’re not sure about you, but watching videos like this is really making the Speed Society crew want to attend one of these events with the aim of throwing down like this for ourselves!

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