The Fast And The Furious’ Dodge Charger Hits California

People collect things. Some people collect coins, some collect stamps, some collect ...

People collect things. Some people collect coins, some collect stamps, some collect trinkets that only make sense to the owner and their memories. I fall under that last group since those types of collections are cheap to maintain.

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And of course, as all of us gearheads know, some people collect cars. There are hundreds of awesome car collections out there from celebrities like Jay Leno, whose collection has a little bit of everything, to private collectors who collect only one specific type or brand of car and everything in between. One type of collection that many of us connect with is movie and television cars, and that’s what we’ve found today.

This collector, Franck Galiegue, has a soft spot for cars from everybody’s favorite car franchise, Fast and Furious. He and his buddy Joffrey decided to team up to “race” the cars from the storage facility where the cars are kept to Neptune’s Net, the famous restaurant where the late Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor confronted Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto about there being more to Dom’s family business than the garage. It was one of the most iconic scenes from the series’ first film and is visited by car nuts daily.

With a perfect replica of the first car to appear on screen in the series, O’Connor’s green 1995 Eclipse and the actual Charger driven by Toretto in the 7th installment, the pair loaded up and headed from the storage facility in Gardena, CA up to Neptune’s Net, hitting some triple digit speeds along the way, but keeping the fun in check for the most part, so as to avoid the attention of the California Highway Patrol.

With the drive completed, they enjoyed the stunning view from the restaurant as the sun dipped below the horizon, ending the day with an amazing California sunset.


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