The Fastest And Quickest Supercharged 2nd Gen CTS-V in the World!

Vengeance Racing is known for churning out some of the most badass late model hotrod ...

Vengeance Racing is known for churning out some of the most badass late model hotrod in the country, and they’ve just dropped a bomb on the Cadillac world! The company, based just outside Atlanta, has built the quickest and fastest supercharger-equipped second gen Cadillac CTS-V, and not only does the car run some insane et’s and trap speeds, it looks absolutely wicked.

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The car is powered by a 388 CID LSX engine built by LME with a set of Mast Motorsports LS3 heads. Cramming air into the 255cc combustion chambers is a monster Kenne Bell 4.2L supercharger sitting menacingly atop the powerplant. There’s also a Nitrous Outlet direct-port nitrous kit adding even more power and helping cool the air entering the engine.

Power is sent rearward through an RPM Transmissions-built 4L80E transmission and out to Weld Racing wheels wrapped in sticky Mickey Thompson rubber that bites hard enough to put up a great 1.32 second 60′ time.

The car ripped off an insane 8.55 elapsed time at a screaming 165 MPH through the quarter mile, and while I’ve never claimed to be a torque converter expert, it sounds like the unit in this car may be a tad loose, which could mean there’s even more elapsed time to be found in the potent combo.

The engine doesn’t even sound all that extreme, and with a quieter exhaust could likely be and insane sleeper on the streets, if that sort of thing was something you’d be into. You’ll want to keep the hood closed, though, as one look at that massive Kenne Bell blower will tell any potential opponent that this car is out to hurt some feelings. Congrats to the crew at Vengeance Racing for setting yet another record. The shop is responsible for some of the baddest LS-based builds we’ve ever seen, and this gorgeous Caddy is just another showcase of their awesome talent.

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