The First Ever Car to Ever Make a Hillclimb… Without a Driver?

Just when you thought that autonomous technology implemented by companies like Tesla ...

Just when you thought that autonomous technology implemented by companies like Tesla on the roadways would be staying put in these kinds of situations that make regular driving a little bit easier, out comes somebody who takes that same type of autonomous idea, mending it around and applying it to a racing machine. Instead of getting you from A to B in a functional way, this vehicle looks like its main goal is to carve through the corners, attempting to take out human error from the equation in terms of a race.

Now, as you can expect from the internet, as soon as this thing came out, people were already complaining. We think that it’s pretty amazing that a team can get together and create something that’s able to navigate its way through a complicated obstacle course on its own, however, if you peruse comment sections around the web, you’ll find that people aren’t all that interested in perfect driving machines as they argue that such a situation could get a bit monotonous. However, we completely disagree with that sentiment and have to give a huge “hats off” to the team that was able to create something like this and furthermore, we could definitely see where a human versus robot battle could be pretty interesting to watch unfold on a race track.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to bear witness as the first ever driverless hillclimb is made as the machine that is known simply by the name of “Robocar” blasts through the Goodwood Festival of Speed with flying colors. After watching something like this, we definitely can’t help but be excited to see exactly where machinery like this is going to go in the future and if it will make its way to any competitive racing leagues anytime soon.

Roborace's first ever driverless hill climb

Amazing. The first ever driverless hillclimb. 👏👏👏 #FOS

Posted by Goodwood Festival of Speed on Friday, July 13, 2018

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