The Future of License Plates is Here with “Smart Plates”

With different technological advances spanning over seemingly every aspect of life, ...

With different technological advances spanning over seemingly every aspect of life, it really makes you wonder why nobody has touched the license plate yet. I guess that, when you take a look at it, most would consider it to be a technology that is years old with a lifespan that really has seemed to serve its function. Upon a first look at how license plates are fastened to the back of vehicles, they seem to do their job pretty well with no real need for an overhaul, unless you ask the man behind this invention.

On the surface, this one seems to offer a lot of functionality and interesting features that could be incredibly helpful to use to report emergency information or perhaps to aid in doing something as simple as updating registration without having to worry about a sticker. However, as you can imagine, this would require the plate to be hooked into some sort of network and that is causing a lot of people to freak out a little bit about what exactly the plate is going to be able to do as you would worry about with pretty much all technology that you’re carrying around on your person.

If you follow along down in the video below, you get the lowdown on exactly what this plate has to offer and what it’s going to cost. I think that that substantial price that’s attached to this thing also has people freaking out a little bit more than anything. After getting a glimpse of the technology for yourself and seeing all that it can do, be sure to tell us if this is something that you would use yourself and maybe If you think it should be a widespread technology that everybody eventually uses on their car or truck.

Smart license plates

You'll soon be seeing an entirely new kind of license plate on San Diego streets! Jon Horn 10News explains how the smart plates work. https://bit.ly/2Hmdm4l

Posted by 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV on Saturday, April 21, 2018

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