The Dodge Demon VS Hennessy Exorcist Camaro. Is It The “Demon Slayer”?

We only have to flip back the calendar a short time to remember the events that ...

We only have to flip back the calendar a short time to remember the events that unfolded with the Dodge Demon and how they changed the ways of the performance car market. This car that was unlike anything that the automotive community had ever seen before really took us all by storm. By packing a punch to the tune of 840 hp along with including many components that a drag racer would come to know and love quite well, the Demon really carved out a niche all its own as it really went to a place where no car has gone before, at least not one that came straight off of an assembly line.

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Speaking by the numbers, this car is definitely the top dog in the factory drag performance world for fully street legal cars. Perhaps there’s a debate to be made that some high dollar cars that swing way out of the league of the Demon on their price tag could compete but when it comes to direct competition, there isn’t really all that much that compares. This isn’t something that stops people from taking shots at the Demon, though.

This is where the fun starts to come into play for those of us who appreciate the competitive nature of this community. After all, it sparks a situation where we get to see all kinds of awesome races. In pretty much any industry, everyone is going to compare themselves to the top dog and it just so happens that when this occurs in our corner of the world, the adrenaline really gets flowing.

As it turns out, Hennessy Performance would be one of the companies that wanted to take a shot at the Demon’s reputation. In response to the car, they put out a Chevrolet Camaro that had been modified by Hennessy and dubbed the “Exorcist,” creating a play on words that is a clear shot at attempting to take the crown from SRT. In this test, we get to watch as the guys from The Grand Tour take both of these cars and finally put them in the ring together, seeing which one of the fighters is going to come out on top. This is definitely a throwdown that has been a while in the making so grab that popcorn, ladies, and gentlemen because it’s about to get good.

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