The Grudge Racing Super Scooter is Nothing to Joke About… This Thing Moves!

When you’re talking about grudge racing, or racing someone else for money, ...

When you’re talking about grudge racing, or racing someone else for money, it’s important that you don’t let too much information about your machine get out there unless you really have the confidence that whatever it is that’s under the hood will be able to back up your smack talk against any competitor that steps to the plate. This is why, a lot of times, you will find that these grudge racers don’t really like talking too much about how they have their car set up.

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In addition to not really talking about what’s powering the car, another valuable tactic in grudge racing could be to disguise the machine altogether, making it look like something that isn’t really fast and then coming out of the woodwork to surprise anyone who lines up next to you, taking home to victory and the money that goes along with it. If you do it just right, you can most certainly stand to win a lot of cash out there!

This time, over on the Detroit Hood TV YouTube channel, we check out a true sleeper that takes grudge racing to an all new level. I can’t say that with years of automotive journalism experience that I have ever seen a scooter that has been souped up to be faster than the competition but this one seriously does take that cake and eats it too! With a mean looking set of drag wheels and a white lettered Hoosier tire out back to show that this thing means business, the two-wheeled machine really does some work out there!

Ride along with the video below as this sneaky scooter goes head-to-head with a couple of dirt bikes and ends up leaving them all inĀ its dust. It isn’t every day that you see a machine like this rolling out the way that this one does but it looks like there are going to be some people gunning for the scooter before long. Who would have ever thought that such a dorky little mobility machine could be transformed to something as cool as this?

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