The Guys From American Chopper are back on Camera!

If you’re a fan of American Chopper, you know that these guys have definitely ...

If you’re a fan of American Chopper, you know that these guys have definitely gone through their share of trials and tribulations. On screen, lots of that was apparent and even off of the screen, it seemed as if they have had some troubles arise. Over the past year or so, there has been speculation about if the crew would ever make their way back to television and how things were going behind the scenes. As we would soon find out, American Chopper would, in fact, be making their way back to the limelight once again.

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In this one, we watch as cameras got a chance to catch up with the Teutul family as they talk a little bit about what exactly is going on with them and how they’re feeling about the show coming back. They have been building bikes all of this time, but even they admit that when the cameras are rolling, they have a lot more business and being able to work on a reality show like that which they claim is a lot more intense than a lot of people realize, really gives them a purpose and helps them to keep on moving forward with business.

Down below, you’ll be able to catch the interview that gets inside of their heads that explains how they’re bringing back the same old school flair with a little bit of a new twist, creating what they claim to be the same show but, in essence, also a new show. Once fans really get a chance to dig their teeth into the return of the reality show, it’ll be interesting to see how exactly they take it with the changes that have definitely happened with the American Chopper crew who are making their way back into the limelight once again.

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