The Hardest Part Of Buying A Home As A Car Guy

Sometimes, while taking a scroll through Instagram or Facebook, it can be very easy ...

Sometimes, while taking a scroll through Instagram or Facebook, it can be very easy to forget that we, as automotive enthusiasts, are a part of the vast minority. In our own world filled with parts purchases and time spent wrenching in the garage, it might seem like just about everybody in our own personal world is an automotive enthusiast. However, you’ll find that in some situations, when trying to suit your needs as an enthusiast, things might not exactly go your way. This gives us a stark reminder of just how many people out there couldn’t care less about us as automotive fanatics.

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The perfect example of something like this is when a car nut goes out to buy a house. For those who can identify as the ones that are completely surrounded by horsepower, you can bet your bottom dollar that having a decent garage is probably near the top of the wishlist. While many of us couldn’t imagine searching for a home without a place to store our cars, we’re certainly a rare breed in the real estate market. While searching for a home and trying to keep a budget alike, home purchasers will find that procuring a place that is ideal for automotive needs and living needs is a lot easier said than done.

By following along down in the video below, you’ll be able to hear the story of Ed Bolian, the founder of VINWiki, as he dissects his own personal struggles while purchasing a house and trying to find something with a decent garage. I think that this one is going to be a story that many of us can certainly relate to on quite a high level. Perhaps the solution is a touch of custom built for every home purchase from here on out!

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