The Holden Ute Should’ve Been Sold in the USA

With the emergence of Australian cars coming to the United States in the mid-2000s ...

With the emergence of Australian cars coming to the United States in the mid-2000s with the Pontiac GTO and Pontiac G8, a sort of niche craze was born, giving American car enthusiasts a reason to look overseas to Australia to see what their car culture is all about.

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Now, here in the States, we did have our stint of fascination with the car and pick up truck crossovers but after the late 80s, it really seemed to die off in popularity. However, in Australia, that wasn’t exactly the case as the Holden Ute, an Australian-born GM pickup-car, continues to run strong.

While many designs from the land down under did end up over here in the States, why would something like the Ute never make it in American culture? It seems like there are plenty of people who would be interested in buying it but the Ute, as we know, wouldn’t be something that would ever officially make his way over here.

In the video below, Doug DeMuro takes the liberty of telling us exactly how a select few buyers have managed to get their hands on a street legal United States version of the Ute and why he thinks it should’ve been sold here in the first place. Be sure to follow along and tell us what you think in relationship to if the Ute should’ve been mass produced here, on American soil, or not.

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