The Human Hoist – Mechanics Dream Come True!

The Human Hoist – Mechanics Dream Come True!1 of 500 limited edition car ...

The Human Hoist – Mechanics Dream Come True!

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If your a professional mechanic or even if you’ve ever worked on a car in your spare time, you’re probably familiar with how much of a pain it can be to climb up and down, getting tools and rolling under the car.

Thanks to this invention known as the “human hoist,” you no longer have to worry about this middle step to working on your ride.

With a few easy motions, this thing will have you effortlessly strolling around the garage to work in complete comfort and style. Heck, it might even add a few years back to the life of your knees.

Check out the video below that shows off the invention that’s been featured on the Today Show and tell us what you think. Is this something that you’d add to your garage? We could totally see a company like Craftsman picking this up.

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